Fails Compilation: Ultimate Funny Videos

Fails Compilation: Ultimate Funny Videos


The holy grail of all video split sites, YouTube has tones of channels dedicated to viral funny and fails compilation videos.  In addition you can connect with other community to swap humor day by day. The subject matter of funny videos mixture from the fails ones to the stupid and painful. On this sharing video sites like Youtube you will find dozen of hilarious funny clips that should not miss out.


Fails Compilation: Ultimate Funny Videos

Barbie Cooking Games: Teaching Your Child to Get Involved in the Cooking Process


The face of games is constantly changing.  Young children have evolved from the days of merely playing with toys, blocks, and puzzles.  Today, you can find computers in classrooms with children starting at preschool age.  In some classrooms computers have begun to replace books.

Computer games utilize your child’s favorite characters to keep them interested and entertained.  This includes the use of cooking games to teach your child about the foods they eat.  Barbie cooking games are among those that can be used to teach your child about getting involved in the cooking process.

Many parents and critics have been skeptical when it comes to the idea of allowing an online game the opportunity to entertain and educate children, but when used wisely, cooking games can greatly benefit your child.  There are many skills they can learn in the safety of a virtual world without the hazards and mess involved with cooking in the kitchen.

Since Barbie dolls and accessories can be expensive to purchase, you will enjoy the fact that your child can find a number of Barbie games online for free.  This allows your child to find new games to play as often as he or she wishes. You no longer have to worry about your child’s room being cluttered with toys they have decided aren’t interesting anymore.

Barbie games dedicated to cooking are available online on a variety of platforms. They are included in some of the most popular virtual cooking games. New games are added to the collection almost every week. They range from baking delicious cupcakes, to making pizza, burgers, and cooking a full meal. They even have Barbie games that encourage your child to clean up after hosting a glamorous party.

To play cooking games starring Barbie, first find a game that fits your child’s age range. Ask your child what his or her cooking interests are, and use them to navigate through the many games available to play.  Once you have numbered the games down to a few, allow your child to play on their own for a while.  This will give him or her a sense of independence. Encourage him or her to play games that teach them the basics of cooking, such as following a recipe and directions.  Quiz them to see if they remember the ingredients they used in their chosen recipe.

Once they have finished playing alone, spend some time playing the game with them.  This will help you understand what they have learned, so that you can relate it to the meals you cook in your own home.  

Invite your child into the kitchen and have him or her help you gather the necessary ingredients to complete your meal.  This will help him or her remember where things are placed in your home, as well as the name of the ingredients.  Have him or her help you measure the ingredients, and explain how adding too much or too little can change the entire recipe.

Cooking games can be a fun and educational process for your child!